Minecraft et le monde de Ghibli

Vous connaissez les animés de Ghibli : Totoro, Mononoke, Chihiro… et le jeu Minecraft (genre de jeu de Lego numérique). Et bien regardez la vidéo qui mixe ces deux univers :


  1. Prudence   •  

    LOL Minecraft is great, even though it looks like ten years old I am totally addicted. Best thing is I can run it on my tablet so I run around in the world of Notch all the time. However I have a question and Zakstudio » Minecraft et le monde de Ghibli must be a a place for experts so hopefully somebody has the answer. Does anyone know when the capture the flag Minecraft gamemode will be available? Thanks! xxx Prudence

  2. Zakstudio   •  

    I don’t know, but maybe someone can answer you.

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