Anvil Studio un vrai studio Midi

Anvil Studio est un studio vous permettant de créer des morceau de musique MIDI et ce gratuitement.

Voici la liste complète de ses fonctionnalités (en anglais) :


  • Editors: Staff, Lyrics, Piano Roll, Drum, Loops, Audio, Events.
  • File formats: standard .MID and .WAV files.
  • Includes extensive integrated help.
  • Piano Roll / Rhythm editor with:
  • multi-level loops
  • loops can refer to notes, other loops, samples, or Riffs.
  • Import, record and edit audio samples and play them like drums.
  • any note duration down to 1/128th notes.
  • dynamic editing while the song is playing, making it easier to experiment with rhythms.
  • duplet, quintuplet, and septuplet notes.
  • Enter notes from external MIDI device, on-screen guitar fret board, on-screen piano keyboard, or by dragging notes to the staff.
  • Per-track On/Mute/Solo, device, instrument, channel, fader, pan, and effects controls.
  • For screens larger than 800 x 600, it shows:
  • up to 25 tracks of information displayed at the same time.
  • zoomed-out view of notes and wave data for all tracks at the same time.
  • option to play notes as mouse moves over them, making it easier to quickly locate a spot in the song.
  • Dynamically change track volumes, mutes, instruments, and effects properties while a song continues to play.
  • Fast loading and scrolling of large MIDI files.
  • Time and Duration fields display time in Minute:Second:Frame(SMPTE), or Measure:Beat:Ticks, or sample format.
  • Metronome includes tempo, lead-in, and accent beat attributes.
  • Add Cue points for quickly positioning to a desired spot in the song.
  • Play list for playing hours of different song files.
  • File/Truncate menu to shorten the duration of .MID files.
  • File/Merge Song menu for copying tracks between .MID files.
  • Add standard music notation including: slur, crescendo, decrescendo, fermata, trill, repeat, D.C., D.S., segno, coda, prima volta, seconda volta, pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff
  • User-defined keyboard shortcuts.
  • Control Record/Play/Stop functions remotely using any MIDI controllers such as a Foot Switch, Modulation wheel.
  • Free version has built-in patch-library support for SoundFont®-compatible sound cards.
  • Supports the Tascam US-428 External Mixing console.
  • Runs on Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista (32-bit versions)
  • ASIO, VST, VST-Instrument, and Automation support with optional Pro-Mix accessory.
  • Audio

  • Free version allows you to record and edit a single, stereo or mono, one minute audio track.
    Optional $19 Multi-Audio 1/8 accessory allows you to record and mix up to 8 stereo/mono audio tracks, where recording time is limited by available free disk space.
  • Uses Windows Audio Format Converters to import/export WMA and other audio formats.
  • Mix audio files with different formats (bits per sample, samples per second).
  • Controls for sound-card configuration.
  • Mix all tracks down to a single .WAV file.
  • Set record and play start and end times to control which range get recorded for Punch-in to re-record over mistakes.
  • Record audio tracks from any sound card’s Mono, Left, Right or Stereo channels, from any soundcard source including Microphone, Line-In, CD-Audio, etc.
  • Audio effects: native reverb, native EQ, third-party DirectX effects.
  • Audio filters: zero-range, pitch change, volume change, pan, filtering, reverse, normalize (to maximize a track’s head-room), low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and band-stop.
  • VU meters
  • Zoom in to the sample level
  • Per-sample Volume, Pan and Reverb controls
  • Record an Audio device’s Left or Right channel to a track by itself.
  • Mix stereo and mono Audio tracks in the same song to a stereo or mono mix.
  • Split a stereo audio track into two mono tracks.
  • Change audio tracks between Mono and Stereo without erasing the track.
  • Paste Stereo to Mono and Mono to Stereo.
  • Import .WAV files to audio tracks or sampled rhythms.
  • Optional Multi-Audio 8/16 accessory allows you to:
  • simultaneously record up to 8 stereo audio tracks if you have a Sound Card with 8 mono audio inputs or 4 stereo inputs.
  • mix a song with 16 audio tracks down to a single .WAV file.
  • increase the number of audio Samples you can use in the Rhythm and Piano Roll editor to 64.
  • record and play audio tracks with 24 bits per sample and 192 kHz samples per second, if your soundcard supports it.
  • use soundcards with ASIO drivers.
  • load third-party VST effects.
  • MIDI

  • Sequencing as MIDI Master or Slave
  • Unlimited number of MIDI Tracks.
  • When moving the mouse over notes on the staff, the equivalent keys on the piano keyboard are highlighted.
  • Record notes from an external MIDI keyboard.
  • Enter notes from Computer keyboard while real-time recording or manually composing.
  • Select, Copy, Edit, Paste notes.
  • Right-mouse popup menu control of individual note properties including:
  • pitch, duration, volume, stem direction, staccato, tie-to-next-note, and delete note.
  • Button that lets you sing the note to be inserted on the staff.
  • Staff style control to display 1 or 2 treble or bass clefs.
  • Quantize.
  • Transpose diatonic or chromatic.
  • Auto-harmonize.
  • Triplets.
  • Automatic layout of bars and staves.
  • MIDI Master and Slave Synchronization modes for synchronizing with MIDI drum machines and sequencers.
  • Perform page lets you wire together on-screen modules for real-time manipulation of MIDI sounds.
  • Repair Song menu fixes problems in badly-formatted MIDI files.
  • Option to echo to SoundCard while recording MIDI, even when recording from external keyboard.
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    1. slash   •  

      can this or other program capture the notes/tabs of a song that I’ve put in it? (I can by my own with ears, but i want to « facilitate » my work)

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